What is Event-Driven in PHP?

What is event-driven in PHP? In this article, we will understand what is event driven in PHP.  When you are learning PHP programming you probably heard about this world. But what the exact meaning of event-driven in PHP.  In this article, we will explain everything regarding this topic and give you and a full understanding of what is event-driven in PHP? and how can you use that in your program?

Let me first talk about what is event-driven in PHP? PHP is a server-side programming language So you cannot directly associate event in the PHP program. But there is a method where you can link your PHP web page with the event. you can also transfer your data from one page to another page using the event-driven method.

There are two types of the event-driven method in PHP language.

  1. Create a link in the webpage using the anchor tag.
  2. Create a form to pass data to the webpage

Let me tell you the brief description of these two methods.


Create a Link in the webpage to pass data

In HTML you probably use the anchor tag to navigate your user to the next page. When the site visitor click on the link request send to the web server and site visitor will navigate to another page or to the specific location of the page.

You can use this method to pass the small amount of data to the PHP web server in your web application. You can embed variable/Value pairs After the URL location That gate passed to the web server. so here is the example of how you can pass the data in the URL using PHP server-side programming.

Using this method the browser I will pass data in key-value pairs. in this URL we created name variable and specify the value, Jone. If you need to send more data then you can separate each of them using ampersand sign.

The above link will send two variables With key and value pairs.  this will create name variable and specify Value Jone and also create last name variable and store value William.

You can access this data using PHP get method. You just want to specify the name of the variable in the get method parameter.  so the method returns the value of that variable.


Passing Form Data

The second method of event-driven PHP is passing form data to the web server. Using this method you can pass multiple values at the same time. This method is to work only with the HTML5 form tag. Initialize your Form with the unique ID and access this form using PHP code. when you submit your data which we will get all the values in the post method. So you accept all the data using $_Post[] method of PHP.

Look at the example below will demonstrate how to use post method in PHP

In the above example, the created simple HTML5 form data to transfer to the PHP server.  you can easily transfer any data to the PHP server using form tag. to access this data we are using PHP $_Post[] method.  after that, you can assign this data to the PHP variable shown below.

You just need to specify the input name in the post method parameter. Then you can access the form input data and manipulate it into PHP code. Well, this functionality helps us to validate data modify data and store data in the database.

There are thousands of methods are made to manipulate and validate your form data in PHP.  They will look at each of them in the subsequent article. I hope you understand what is event driven in PHP.  It just allows us to create an event and transfer the data to the server.

I hope you learn lots of about event-driven.  we will talk about this topic in subsequent articles. you can find thousands of article to give you more understanding of you event-driven method.

That is on for this article. 

We will see you in the next article with the new topic.