What is ECMAScript? What is ES6? In Brief – JavaScript

In this article you will learn what is ECMAScript? and you also take a look at what is ES6?  Now after the revolution of JavaScript most applications are involved and developed by the JavaScript. so before we dive into what is ECMAScript you first need to understand the history of JavaScript. now you first take a look at what is JavaScript and the history of JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

If I wanna simply describe JavaScript then I will say JavaScript is a client-side scripting language that executes on your Browser.  JavaScript essentially used to make your page alive. Using JavaScript you can capture the event, create animations, validating the user inputs and much more.

But as I said the present not only runs on client Browser but also on the server. Node JS is one of the most amazing examples of server-side JavaScript language. There is tons of framework are scripted in the JavaScript language. Using JavaScript you can do anything if you have a power of imagination.

History of JavaScript?

JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995. He is a developer in Netscape communication Corporation in 1995. JavaScript started his life with the name Mocha and was concisely name LiveScript.

In 1995 LiveScript officially renamed to JavaScript with Netscape Navigator release. Java was a very popular language at that time. So to tie success life script rename to JavaScript.

What is ECMAScript?

Ecma is a European computer manufacturer association. The nonprofit private international standard organization. In 1996 Netscape announced that he had submitted JavaScript to ECMA. So ECMA International published the first edition of ECMA 26 specification.

So the relation between Ecma specification called ECMAScript. JavaScript is just an implementation of ECMAScript So get that into account.

What is ES6?

ES6 is ECMAScript 6. ES6  is the update of ECMAScript 5 you can also call as ES5 which was Standardise in 2009. ES6 was published in June 2015. At this time this is the latest version and we are making all the tutorials on the latest version. 

The last major ECMAScript version was 5.1 published in 2011. The subsequent few articles we are focusing on ECMAScript 6. This is the latest version right now at the time of writing the article. On this website, you can find the most recent JavaScript tutorials and we also know about the latest versions of ECMAScript. We will take a look at what is the difference between ECMAScript file and ECMAScript 6.

That is all for this article we will take you back again in the next article.