What is Ajax? Understand with PHP 7.2

In this article I just wanted to clear the concept behind Ajax. we will take a look at what is ajax? Where do you use ajax? and what do you use Ajax? Basically, Ajax is not a programming language but it is a technology combined existing multiple web language. Ajax stands for asynchronous JavaScript and XML it’s called Ajax.

The Ajax will help you to insert dynamic content in the webpage.

Where do you use Ajax? You can use ajax language in any program if you need to call the server side language in your client Browser. Using this method you can transfer the data from the client to the server you can also access the server side values to the client browser. So it will help you to communicate client and server at the same time.

What do you use Ajax? In JavaScript language, you can use ajax as a technology.  Using JavaScript language you can communicate with the server side Technologies like PHP, .net, VB.net and all other server-side languages.

Ajax utilizes the following technologies.

  • JavaScript
  • Server-side programming languages
  • The extensible markup language (XML)
  • HTML and CSS
  • Document object model (DOM)

Let’s take each of them.


JavaScript used to communicate with the web server behind the scene. Using JavaScript code you can communicate with the server side programming language using your local client side Browser.

Server-side programming languages

Using server-side languages you can manipulate data or retrieve data from the database. Everything that you can do with the server side languages you can do this with the ajax by just calling the server side language dynamically.

The extensible markup language (XML)

The extensible markup language used to safely transfer data from the server-side programming language to the client side Browser.


To place dynamic content on the webpage you can use HTML. To style your document we use cascading style sheet. the same way used in ajax technology also. Replace the dynamic content we use HTML tag and CSS for styling to that content.

Document object model (DOM)

You can also use document object model to place dynamic content in the webpage. In the previous topic we see you can use HTML to place the dynamic content there is one more way using document object model. Referencing to the node will insert the dynamic content in the document or you can create the node also.


Now you know that what is ajax.

The next article we will create the ajax request and execute it in the client Browser. We are using PHP for the server side language. You can use any other language if you wish. Using JavaScript we communicate with the server side languages.

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