Sort an Array Without Using Sort() Method

In this article, we are going to sort an array without using sort() method. If you have a basic understanding of array then you properly have seen that you can use sort() method to sort array element. Using this method you can sort array element very easily.

In this article, we are creating a program to sort an array element. In the main.js file, we first find maximum number from an array and also find the minimum number and sort them. Let’s consider the following code.

In main.js file write this code to sort an array.

Sort Array

Steps 1:-

First, we will create an anonymous function using arrow function. Then declare some variables.

Steps 2:-

After that, we will get a maximum number from an array. To get the maximum number we are going to add for a loop.

Steps 3:-

Step 3 will find the minimum number and store from zero to the length of an array. so here we will add two for loops and find a minimum number and store in a new array variable.

When you have a minimum number we will store in the arry2 variable. After that, we will specify null to the index number where we find the minimum number. and the last we will specify a max value to the min variable to find minimum value easily.

Steps 4:-

After that, we will just return a new array using the return statement. Then we call the sort method which we had created before and specified newly created array in the parameter.


That’s it. I hope this article we will help to sort an array element. If you have any question you can ask me in the comment section. we had beginner examples and tutorial on javascript you can read it and learn from it.