What is React.js? Understand History of React

Hey everyone, In this article, we are going to understand what is react and history of the react.js. React is a UI library for front-end developers. In this article, we will first understand the history of react and then move further and learn what is react.js? so let’s get started.

History of React

React.js was created by Jordan walke. I hope I’ve pronounced this name properly. He Is a Software Engineer at Facebook. React was first developed on Facebook news feed in 2011 And later on for instagram.com in 2012.


Jordan was influenced by xhp, An HTML component Framework for PHP. Xhp allowed creating composite components. They introduced the syntax later in the react. In 2011 Jordan created faxjs. FaxJS is the earlier prototype of react.

In 2011 Facebook ads became hard to manage. Jordan worked on the prototype and created react and finally in 2013 react gets open sourced. On this time the popularity of react start begins. So many companies started adopting react.js.

Just like

Netflix –  The biggest company For paid video streaming service

Facebook – Facebook was the place where react was created. And it is actively used on Facebook website Instagram and on WhatsApp. we have another big example

Yahoo – Yahoo is a mail client in react.

Not only a few companies are using react but there are many companies using and also thousands of interested.


What is React?

In simple words react is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It is a UI component library. The react component created with react using JavaScript. This approach is called creating composable UIs. A component is the heart of the react application. A component is a self-contained module that render some output. Components are composable. A component might include one or more components in its output.

A component in react is a self-contained Functional block. Let’s say you have a date picker component.  this datepicker component has a visual representation and a logic to pick a date which you have select.


This type of component has both a visual representation and a dynamic logic

The example is not Limited for the datepicker component, but you can also relate to the email input textbox component or an address and zip code component.

But why the need for a component.

Components build off of the concept of ajax request. Where you can call a server directly from the client side. This concept allowing components to be dynamically updated without the need for a page refresh. Components each have their own interfaces that can make calls to the server and update their interfaces. Because components are independent, one component can refresh without affecting other components or the UI as a whole.

To maximize functionality and performance of news feed Facebook uses react.

I hope you understand this article, in the next tutorial we will understand what is virtual dom.

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