Php Shopping Cart Tutorial. Hey Everyone, In this tutorial, We are going to create PHP Shopping cart tutorial using Session Variable. We will demonstrate you how to create a shopping cart with MySql database. In this tutorial, will show you step by step procedure to create this amazing tutorial.But this is a purely a best idea to use this on your website. We are using MySQL database to store cart values.

Php Shopping Cart Tutorial

following is the step to create this shopping cart tutorial.

1.1 Create Database

First, Create Database in PHP admin. Name this database product_detailes. After this create a table in product_detailes database.

Import this code to create Database in phpAdmin.

Click on go button to create product table. after you successfully create your table we want to insert values into product table. So, we will insert values into product table.

We will insert multiple values at a time. In the values, you will see we specify image absolute path. So here  ('Laptop Bag','bag2.png',15.08)  bag2.png is our png image file. Make sure you place this image file in the root folder. if you place all these images into any folder then this value looks like                          ('Laptop Bag','Image/bag2.png',15.08)

Download all Image from this link. Click here to download this image.

1.2 Create Shopping.php file

Afterward, Create Shopping.php file and write simple HTML Snippets. Then specify your page title. After this, we want to link bootstrap file to shopping.php file. So we will link bootstrap file and also import google fonts.

Import this code into <head> tag.


1.3 Design Shopping Cart

Afterward, we want to create a design for the shopping cart. The following code will create shopping cart design with PHP code that contains product name, product image, and product price and MySql database queries. In the design, we will fetch data from the database and then use this data for display images and product names.

Import this code into the <body> tag of shopping.php file.

1.4 Style Shopping Cart

We want to style our shopping cart and align this design properly. So we will Create style tag in the head section and style our elements. Import following code inside <head> tag and bellow of link tag.

Import this code into <head> tab of Shopping.php file


2.1 Connect PhpAdmin with Shopping cart.

Now, we need to create a connection between phpAdmin and shopping.php file. To create this we will insert code on top of the page before <!doctype html> tag. This code will create connection and also create a session variable to store session values.

We used here host “localhost”, user “root” and password ” ” blank. If you have different username and password then change root to your username and password with your password.

2.2 Create add to cart and Delete function

So, now we are going to create a function which performs add to cart and delete a product from the cart. we will place this code just after the PHP connection.