Make Homepage Design in Bootstrap. In this tutorial, we are creating bootstrap homepage design. We are using Bootstrap 4.0.0 version classes. If you are not familiar with this version you can replace it with your comfortable bootstrap version. following is the steps to create this design in bootstrap.

1) Step 1:-

Create Home.html file in your comfortable compiler and insert HTML snippet code. after you create HTML file insert this code in the HTML file. we did not use a style.css file. Except creating the style.css file we place style code into head tag.

Just keep in mind that in style tag we have used background-image. In that image, we have used image path. You just need to change this path with your image absolute path.

Import this Code in the HTML:-

That’s it.

You can download this image from below link It can be used it for your college project, website, blog and many more. All the code is teated and compiled. If you getting any error while creating this project then comment us. we will help you to find error together.

Download Background image:


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Thank You.