Download Free Login Page Template in

In this Tutorial, we will learn how to create Login Page Template in Free Download. You can download all these templates for free of cost and use this in your college project, website or blog. We had created this tutorial in visual studio 2015. In this tutorial, we have created username and password field to retrieve username and password values. These values are inserted in the database table. You can change the value if you want and create your own username and password.

Login Page Template in Free Download

we had also created a simple facebook and google plus social login link. This link will help you to log in using social links. We also validate the user. If the user enters wrong username or password he will see the error message. If the user enters correct username or password you will redirect to home page. we had created a simple home page only for redirection.

Submit button will check first if the user will enter incorrect username or password or not. In this login page, you will find submit button code in login.aspx.cs file. You can change it if you want. This tutorial is really beautiful looking and amazing visualization.

 We’ve made free Login Pages that you can use on your WordPress site, blog, forum or anywhere else. This is a hand-picked list by to ensure the highest quality of the web pages. Each and every Project has been thoroughly tested to ensure no components are missing and source code is available with every download. Of course, you are free to use these forms for personal and commercial purposes, with no need for attribution.


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