Insert and Retrieve Data From Session PHP 7 

In this article, we will take a look at how to insert and retrieve data from the session variable. This article we will look out some most amazing features of PHP. We will also take a look at how you can set the variable using session and retrieve it whenever you want. The session is mostly used to track the user activity.

Using session you can identify what the user is doing on the page and also check his authenticity. The session also helps us to log in the user after some time if he is locked in before. Well, the most important part of this article is you can create and retrieve session data into PHP variable.  You can access this data in the overall website.

In subsequent articles, we also take a look at how you can use the session variable in your website to track the user activities. In the most case session is used to store variable. The variables are different maybe it is admin authorization key or it may be login authentication. You can choose your own variable.

In this article, we just wanted to create some basic session variable and store value in that variable and we also take a look how you can access that session variable data and store it in the PHP variable. Now before we take your too much time let’s head on to the tutorial.


Create Session 

In PHP programming we have session_start() method to create the session. Keep in mind you always want to insert this method on the top of the page before the doctype of the document.  the reason behind this is when you specify the method on the top it First create the session for your document and specify the long hexadecimal value. This value will be unique every time when you create a new session for your document.

So following is the example of how you can create the session and the specified value for that particular session variable.


So in this example will show you how you can create session variable. So we first just wanted to insert session start method on the top of the page and then will create a session my value variable on the body section of the document and the specified value string. You are free to choose your own data type for your session variable.  basically in the session variable used to specify an array. you can specify added to the variable and access that array anytime you want.


Retrieve Session Variable

Now we will just retrieve session variable value in the PHP variable.  when you wanted to access the session variable value you need to know the name of the session variable.  if you don’t know the name of your variable that you can’t access that value.

The above example will show you how you can retrieve the value of the session variable. So you first just wanted to create a variable in PHP as always using dollar symbol and specify equal to sign and then call the session method with the session variable name.

If you don’t know what is your session variable name then you can go to the browser inspect and as always where you find the cookies you can just know the session variable name.

So you just wanted to right click on the document and select the Inspect and application you can find your variable name. You can also identify you are unique hexadecimal value over there. 

so that is all for this article.  this is just a beginner article to understand what is the decision is all about.  a subsequent article will be the advanced level article that shows you how you can use the session variable in your website.basic understanding is always very useful to create advanced level tutorials.  so that is all for this article.

we will take you to the next one.