HTML Project with Source Code Example

Welcome, In this tutorial, we are going to create HTML Project with source code example for your website. when you create your website. it is really very important to understand which type of web page we need. when you know that you might have a problem when creating those web pages. In this tutorial, we are creating simple HTML and CSS web page.

HTML Project with Source Code

We are creating this Web page with HTML and CSS. So before further delay let’s jump into the code.

1.1 Create HTML File

We will create simple HTML file and name this file as Home.html. Make sure your file extension is .html or .htm both are equivalent.

1.2 Create Cascading Style Sheet file (CSS)

After that create CSS file on the same path where you create Home.html file. Name this CSS file as Style.css.

1.3 Link Style Sheet to Home.html file

So, Create title of your Home.html and link Style.css file to your Home.html file. Import this code in Home.html file <head> section.

2.1 Design Home.html

Create a design of your webpage. The background Image used in this tutorial is download from so you can go to this website and download your own background image. Create a body section of your website. to do so import this code into <body> tag.

2.2  Syle.css file

Now, We need to style this web page with cascading style sheet. In this code, we will add the background image and also style HTML tags. Make sure when you import this code into project your image has absolute file path.

Import this code into Style.css file

So, the Home.html file looks like this


And Style.css file looks like this.


All done.

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Thank You.