Make a WordPress Footer.php Much Better

This article will give you a quick idea about how to make a WordPress Footer.php much better. There are lots of things where you can create footer beautifully. But we will give you a quick code to create its design and style. WordPress is an amazing platform to publish your website or blog. WordPress has millions of theme but some time these themes are not pretty much comfortable.

make a WordPress Footer.php much better

The idea behind writing this article is to make the basic layout of your WordPress website. In this footer, we had added sidebar area. Using this sidebar you can add your website pages, navigation, and any more widgets.


We will simply create this code in the footer.php file. In the WordPress tutorial 02, you can find out how to create WordPress custom footer. In this tutorial, we will replace this code with bootstrap row and columns.

We are making a responsive website so it is especially important to add elements in row and columns.

Bootstrap will give us a freedom to use row and columns very easily.

Now just look out this code.

Demonstrating this code.

In the footer.php file, we had created div with the site-footer class. In this class, we created the row and insert four columns.

The first columns contain navigation menu. we had created footer navigation in the WordPress tutorial 04. In that article, I had created three navigation. You can check out this article from the left side of the website.

So, In the Second column, we specify dynamin sidebar area. Using the sidebar you can add widgets to the footer. So it is really very easy to change footer pages and other things.

Third columns we had link some of the website pages just like license, privacy policy etc. In addition, we inserted PHP code to link all these pages, as a result, you can navigate pages through the link.

finally, we had inserted contact section in the third column. So we just inserted h6 tag to display all of that.

furthermore, we added copyright information with we discuss in the WordPress tutorial 02. So consequently it will show up blog name and date.

So when you see your footer.php it seems like this.

I hope this article will give you an idea to make a WordPress footer.php much better.

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