Transparent Navigation Bar with Html and CSS. So to create this we will create HTML file and add some style to it. To create a style we are adding some Custom CSS classes to our HTML elements. In this article, we will create transparent white background navigation. all the drop-down menus also have transparency.

1) Step 1:-

First of all, create Navigation.html file and add this code into this file. This code will generate navigation on the top of the page.

Import this code in your Navigation.html file



2) Step 2:-

After you create your HTML file create a Style.css file in root folder of your project. Make sure you specify the absolute path of Style.css file in link element in navigation.html. In the style.css file, we have used background-image property make sure in the URL you specify the absolute path of the image file.

while inserting body class make sure to change background image property and add your image.

Import this code in Style.css file.

That’s all.

You can download this tutorial from the download tab. All the code was tested and compiled neatly. You can use all these projects for your project, blog or website. Images used in this tutorial are free. You can download Images from the download tab.

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