Build the Responsive Landing page with Animation. In this article, we are learning a lesson to build a responsive landing page with HTML and CSS. This landing page is very responsive to any type of devices. The first we created landing page logo. Then create Navigation menu with animation. We had used an animated.css file to create navigation transaction.

Create Responsive Landing page Design

  • Create Folder as Homepage Design
  • Insert CSS folder into Homepage design Folder
  • Add Animated.css file into CSS folder
  • Add Stock Image To CSS folder.
  • Create Homepage.html file
  • Create Style.css file.

Using this Steps we will make this landing page. So, Now following is the Steps to create responsive login page design.

Step to 1:-

Create Homepage design folder and add CSS folder to it. Now, add Animated.css file and Background Image file. Create Homepage.html file in the root folder.

Import this Code into Homepage.html file

Step 2:-

Create Style.css file in the root folder and link to the homepage.html file. We already added this file in the code but make sure you place this file in the correct folder if you want to change file path you also want to change link tag code from the homepage.html file.

Import this code into Style.css file

That’s it.

Now run Your Project. You can download all the images and project from the download tab. You can download all projects for free.

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enjoy learning….!