Bootstrap Card Image Hover Effect

In this article, we are looking at the bootstrap card image hover effect tutorial. So In this tutorial, you will learn how to create image hover effect on the bootstrap card. You can also use this effect to any other image also just like a portfolio, image gallery etc. In this article, we are looking out how to create bootstrap cards and when you move your mouse over the image of the card these will generate hover effect. We create zoom in zoom out effect on the card. Basically, when you create bootstrap card it does not have default any effect. So sometimes you wanted to make your website more attractive and user-friendly.

Bootstrap Card Image Hover Effect

To make the website more beautiful we generally add some animation to the website. The custom animation is the way to create our own animation. On this website, you can find plenty of animation and tutorial that help you to use the code and make your project better. So before we take to much time of yours let’s start coding.

So let’s get started.

Well, the first thing we need to create is the project.

Create Project

Open any loveable editor we are using visual code editor at this time. In this editor open an empty folder. So first go to your location where you wanted to create a folder. we take the desktop and create an empty folder here. Now open this folder in a visual code editor. You’re ready to start developing your project now.

To make bootstrap card image hover effect create two files Index.html and Style.css. The Index.html file is HTML file and Style.css file is CSS file. After creating these files you need to make a folder called stock. you are free to choose any name for this folder but for this tutorial we take this as a stock folder. In this folder, we wanted to import images which we are using for the cards. In each card, we will insert one image. Let’s look at the code first and understand what had we done in the code.


What had we done?

  • In this code, we created simple HTML5 snippets and link Style.css file using link tag. Remember we created the stylesheet in the root folder. If you created his file in any other folder your file path will change.
  • In the middle of the body tag, we insert container class and insert a row inside of it. Well, using bootstrap it is very easy to create a row and columns. Just use row class to create a row and col-*-* class to create a column. Bootstrap contains the different type of column classes to specify a different width to the column. In this code, we are creating three columns of col-md-4. So this will create four columns of equal size.
  • In this columns, we insert the bootstrap card code. If you don’t know how to create bootstrap card then head on to the bootstrap website and search for the cards.
  • You will see we added parent inner div for the card image. This inner container helps us to prevent the image from overflowing his content. The CSS overflow property will help us to do that. You will see this in the stylesheet.
  • In the columns insert this cards. In each column, we inserted a separate card.
  • After that change source attribute and specify your image path. Change the cart title and paragraph. and also change the button text. Don’t worry, we have done everything in the index.html file for you. So just copy and paste the code inside your index file.

Now just look at the stylesheet file also.


In this file, we are not inserting thousand line of code to create this file. In this file we insert some code to center the card, align the card horizontally and add the hover effect.

We are using transform property to create this type of hover effect. we specify overflow property to the inner class and set it to be hidden. then we add some transition for the image to make animation slower and execute in motion.

 And then just use the CSS hover effect and specify the transform scale(1.5). This property will increase the size of the image.

Import this code in the style.css file.

After importing this code in your stylesheet. Run the project and see what happened. So when you hover over on the card image it will zoom in and when you hover out image will zoom out itself. Well, this animation is handled by the scale property.

That’s it. Your Bootstrap Card Image Hover Effect Is Ready.

You can use this animation for any kind of images. You are free to copy this code and use it in your projects. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. There are also other articles are here on this website. So just check this out first before you move farther.

That is all for this article. we will take you in the next article. For more information, you can also follow us on youtube.

Thank You.