Books Complete Bootstrap Website From Scratch 

In this tutorial, we are going to create books website from scratch. To build this website really from the beginning. In this website, we are using the Bootstrap Framework to glorify and make it responsive. We are creating this complete bootstrap responsive website step by step. We are going to create this website really from the beginning. Using bootstrap to glorify the website and make it responsive.

books website

We also add some custom style to make it more attractive. So before you take this tutorial you need to have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML.

So we ganna create this beautiful navigation menu, website title, and different sections where we have feature section, pricing section, team member section and so on. We are also using font awesome website to use free icons and used images from basically, we will do many things in only a single video.

We will create this website for desktop and then make it responsive for mobile. You can see this website is completely responsive for mobile and tablet devices. I hope you are excited like me to build this website

So let’s get started…

We gonna create first project structure. So we will add two folders. we will create source and CSS folder first and create files. In the CSS folder, we create the style.css file in which we put styling of the website. The in the source folder we create Index.html file. I also need a javascript file to create animation. In this website, we are creating two animations. Now let’s see how to create this books website.

So let’s see what is inside the Index.html file.

We are using bootstrap classes to add bootstrap styles. If you want to learn what is bootstrap and add more classes make sure you visit

Just copy and paste this above code in the index.html file. You can see in the head section we linked style.css file already. Make sure you had the absolute path of the stylesheet. I added style file in the CSS folder so I use that path in the src attribute.

To add animation we had used the animate function. This function is in the jquery file so we used complete jquery library to use this function.

Now let’s style this Website using a style.css file.

In this file, we added custom style to this website. Now to make sticky navigation we had used sticky CSS class and add it using jquery. So just copy and paste this CSS code inside the stylesheet.

Now ones we added this file. I want to create a jquery animation. You can use Javascript also except jquery but using jquery we get the same result with minimal code.

In this file, we just added some animation to this website. We added sticky navigation and counter animation. Both animations fired on scroll event.

Ones we build this books website we need to make this website responsive. To make it responsive I had used bootstrap but some elements still not formatted. So we need to format it. So we will create a new file and add some style to make this website responsive.

I added a file in the head section. To link this file we had used link tag and in the src attribute, I specified the absolute path of this file. Make sure you specify the absolute file path in the src attribute.

Write this code in the file to make this website responsive.

So now your website is responsive for the mobile device as well. Now you can use this website for any device like desktop, mobile, and table. Well, I think I had covered everything to build this website.

So I hope you like this books website. Try to make it of your own with new style.

This is the download link: Github to download this website. Don’t forget to give star on GitHub for support.

So that is all for now. I will see you in the next tutorial.