In this tutorial, we are creating Login Page Design 3D & Transparent Page using Bootstrap. We are used Visual Studio 2015 in this tutorial. We also provide all the stock file and project in the download tab. First, we created a panel image. Then add username and password field. we are using shadow to create a 3D effect. Follow this steps to create this.

Step 1:-

Create Web application project in visual studio 2015. Now create a folder in the project and name it as Stock. Insert your background and panel images in the Stock folder. After this create Login.aspx file in the root folder of your project.

Import code in the <head> section :

Step 2:-

After you place this code in <head> section you want to import following code into body section.

import this code in <body> section

Step 3:-

After you Import all this code into your login.aspx page you have to insert style.css in our project.

create style.css file in root folder of your project. if you place your style.css file in destination then you have to edit head section link tag and place absolute path of your file in src attribute.

Import this code in Style.css file.

That’s it.

If everything is correct then fine but if you getting any error while creating this then write down your problem in the comment section.

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Thank You.