Amazing Parallax Scrolling Effect in HTML>CSS

In this Tutorial, we are going to create parallax scrolling effect in HTML and CSS. This article demonstrates how you can create parallax effect with custom CSS. Open Up your compiler and create an HTML file as Parallax.html. Then create a Style.css file and create some code to create parallax effect in Stylesheet. following is the steps to create a parallax effect.

Step 1:-

Create Parallax.html file. make sure your file extension is .htm or .html to recognize this file as a valid HTML file. place this code inside <head> section of parallax.html file.

Import this code in <head> tag:-


This code will help you make your HTML page more responsive. so keep in mind that this code will exactly place below of the <head> tag.

Step 2:-

Create Style.css file in root folder of your project and link this file to parallax.html file. To link Style.css file we are using link element. So place following code inside <head> tag and after <meta> tags.

Import this code in <head> tag in Parallax.html file:-


Now, your Stye.css file is successfully linked to the parallax.html file.

Step 3:-

Create Folder in the root folder and rename this folder as Images. After this import background images which we want to use for the parallax effect. In this tutorial, we are using three images. You can download this tutorial from this link Image_1 and Image_2 and Image_3.

After you download was completed place this image inside Images folder which we create in the root folder.

Step 4:-

After your Stylesheet is linked to parallax.html file now we want to create a design in <body> section.

we are using division tag to create a parallax effect. create parallax class for division tag. make sure you will be used two division parallax class to show this effect. To create this parallax effect place this code inside <body> tag.

So,  Import this code inside <body> section of parallax.html file.


Step 5:-

Afterwards, Open a Style.css file and create parallax class code inside stylesheet file. This code will create parallax effect on your website. you can put this code anywhere you want but make sure you apply this code to HTML element.  Import this code into Style.css file.

After complete all these steps you will able to create parallax effect to your website.

That’s all.

If you have any question then comment me in the comment section.

Thank You.