Advanced Login with Owl-Carousel

In this article, we are going to understand advanced login with owl-carousel using HTML and CSS. In this tutorial, we gonna understand how to create advanced login page UI using just Html and CSS. We also going to use Owl-Carousel to make carousel in the login page. If you don’t know what is Owl-carousel don’t worry. I will take you through all the steps necessary to make a carousel.

Ones you’ve known how to create login page you can integrate it with server-side technology. You can use any server-side technology to complete this tutorial. like Node, PHP, Python or anything.

Now let me show what we are going to build.

advanced login

That’s Awesome. Isn’t it.

We are going to create this login page for desktop. In this login page, we gonna have

  • Carousel to slide different images.
  • Two textboxes that can get the input of the user for Username and Password.
  •  Follow us section with Icons.

So this is going to very useful tutorial for you to make your first login page if you are a beginner. Now let’s get started and see how to make this Advanced login.


The very first thing you need to create this tutorial is a browser. Obviously, if you are viewing this website, that means you have a browser. Then you need an editor where you can write the code. I am using vs code editor which is my favorite. you are free to choose your own.

Now ones you have an editor open it and create a new folder login.

Login > create another folder assets to store images.

Login > create a CSS folder and create style.css file.

In the root directory create Index.html file. Which represent the entry point of the application. In this file, we gonna link style.css file and also add some library which we are using in this tutorial.

In the assets folder, we gonna have simple PNG and SVG files which you can download at the end of this article.


In this file, we gonna first link owl-carousel library, then link bootstrap library and the link our stylesheet. So if you take a look at the index file it looks like this.

Now, this is just a simple Html snippet. You can see we also link jquery file to work with owl-carousel. Now let’s move on and create a body of this file.


If you take a look at this file. we have just created a few divs that represent two columns. In these columns we gonna have carousel and user input textboxes. It is not difficult to understand this file. So let’s move on and create a style for this file.


In this file, we gonna style this page and glorify it.

In this file, we imported google font for typography. If you want you can choose any font from a google font website.

Then we created variables in the CSS to reuse the values. Make sure all the variable placed inside the root or body selector. Now ones we have a style for the Html page let’s create owl-carousel.


Owl-Carousel it the best part of this website so I decided to make a separate section. That is the reason we are going to cover the carousel in the separate paragraph. Now ones you have everything that you need to make advance login page. Let’s create a carousel.

At the end of the divs and just before the closing </body> tag we gonna create a new script tag.

In this script, we will select the owl-carousel container and its items.

Now in the script tag, we will first call jquery function. So when the document is ready this function is automatically executed.

In this function, we gonna select owl-carousel using jquery method. Then we call owlCarousel() Method with its the parameter. In the parameter, we gonna specify loop, to continually execute carousel one after another slide. Then we have autoplay that executes carousel ones the page has been loaded.

After that, we have autoplayTimeout to specify speed to the slides. We also have autoplayHoverPause property that will pause the carousel when the mouse is over the carousel. And the last we have items parameter that describes how many carousel items we want to show in the carousel.

So your finished index.html file looks like this.


You can now just copy and paste this file code in your Html file also. But keep in mind you have a correct path and file names.

Now that’s it. If you want to download this tutorial, this is the GitHub link.

To add server-side technology and make this tutorial complete. Read this article.

If you have any question ask me any time on Instagram.

See you in the next article.